PARCIC: Irrigation and IPM Trainer

Reconstruction of Fully Damaged Greenhouses
Terms of Reference (ToR)

PARC intends to conduct an on-site training in the agricultural practices in the open field lands and greenhouses as one of the activities of the project "Reconstruction of Fully Damaged Greenhouses" which is implemented by PARC in partnership with PARCIC-Japan and funded by JAPAN PLATFORM. This ToR describes the training contents in general and explains the expected role of the trainer.

The training will be on-site training that will focus on the agricultural practices on the field. The trainees will be divided into groups each with 10-12 participants. Each group will be targeted through three field visits that are led by a trainer in the field of agriculture. During the visits the trainer will discuss the technical practices on-field and will give the trainees the space to share their experiences.

The objective of the assignment is to design and facilitate 9-hour field training (3 visits each with 3 hours). This 9-hour training will be conducted to more than one group of farmers (will be determined later). The trainer is expected to provide PARC with technical proposal that contains the detailed description of the topics, printable training materials, and the evaluation tools that will be used.

At the end of the course it is expected that the participants will have a clear understanding and skills about:
    Soil preparation including sterilization and fertilization methods, both GH & open field.
    The methods of irrigation and the main elements that affect its quantity.
    The  main  types  of  pest  and  how  to  control  it,  this  includes  pesticides  solution preparations with accurate concentrations, types of organic pesticides, safety measures when applying pesticides, definition of safety period, concept of Integrated Pest Management "IPM".
    Irrigation requirements and irrigation scheduling, including soil salinity control.
    Inappropriate  agricultural  practices  related  to  pesticides  application,  overuse  of chemicals both pesticides and fertilizers, irrigation, environmental measures to minimize fungus diseases.
    The consequences of improper agricultural practices in terms of human been health as well as the costs of agricultural production.
    The optimum usage and maintenance of the greenhouse to have the highest economic benefits.
    Registration of the agro inputs and outputs.

Expected Impact: 

    Increase  the  awareness  of  the  participants  about  the  good agricultural practices and the consequences of not following them.
    Widen the horizon  of  the participants through  sharing the experiences  of other farmers.

Required skills and competencies:
    Have experience in related field for not less than five years.
    Not working for the governmental authorities at the moment of application and during the contract period.
    Have good experience in agriculture in general and in the training topics in particular.
    Have good capacity to organize and guide training events.
    Have good interpersonal and collaborative skills.
    The training could be done by more than one trainer in order to meet the specific topics requirements.

    The deadline for submitting the financial and technical offers is October 15th, 2016.
    The training will be conducted from October 23th, 2016 to November 30th, 2016.

The trainer will propose his/her fees in USD.

If you are interested, please send an enquiry to with your