World Vision: M&E Communications Coordinator

Job Title: M&E/ Communications Coordinator
Location: Jenin

Deadline for application: 26 November 2016


The main purpose the position is to maintain quality of M&E programming and communications adhering to WVJWG DME frame-work (LEAP) and communication protocols.
As the primary M&E technical support at the zonal level, the Officer provides Zones with technical support on LEAP implementation and guidance on the different lifecycles with the following main M&E related steps: Assessment and planning, coordinating Design, Baseline measurement, Monitoring, Evaluations, Grants Acquisition, knowledge management, National Strategy Support and integrating the LEAP into the emerging WVJWG standards (ex: DPA, Child Well-being Outcome Indicators and Sponsorship Minimum Standards).  In addition, the position provides communication support to the Zone under guidance and support of NO communications team. 

This position is based on the zone level (stationed in a West Bank or Gaza); it requires travel to programme/project areas on regular basis.


1-    Planning and Assessment
-    Support the development of assessment ToRs assessments and reports according to need and WV guidelines and standards
-    Coordinate data collection and entry as required at the zonal level: Testing tools, orientate data collectors, get and integrate feedback on tools, follow up with data entry consultant, development of SPSS design, review quality of data entry and signed off the quality provide orientation for the data entry staff, 
-    Review assessment specialist’s report using prescribed format)

-    Programs and projects ITT reviewed and updated annually and aligned with DIPs-    
2-    Facilitate and Support Baselines and Evaluations
-    Contribute to technical Programs baseline / Evaluation ToR and designs’ development and ensuring participation of different stakeholders (partners, children, etc)
-    Contribute to Baseline tools development/ contextualization /translation.
-    Lead the field data collection process and ensure the use of methods with a good balance of validity, reliability and cost effectiveness. 
-    Organize planning sessions and orientate data collection staff on tools and methodology. 
-    Facilitate data analysis sessions.
-    Work with data entry consultant and signoff on the quality  
3-    Programme, project and Grants design
-    Contribute to the development of PNSFs and Grants’ concept notes /proposals and logframes.
-    Lead program design events at the zonal level including reflection sessions on steps
-    Compile redesign step process, lessons, and recommendations for all ADPs and summarized with the DM&E team. 
-    Write/ update Area Plans including feedback and review of format to finalization

-    Contribute to PNSF and Grants concept notes and logframes’ development including providing input to the design of the projects.

-    Develop MoUs for PNSF and Grants as required and according to JWG templates. 
4-    Monitoring
-    Support in developing/ reviewing/ updating the monitoring tools.  
-    Review, update and implement the yearly monitoring and evaluation plan for the zone in coordination with the technical team at the zone and DM&E unit at the NO.  
-    Develop and roll-out monitoring data collection system, review, verify and analyze data quality, compile according to programs needs and requirements and storage. 
-    Ensure timely implementation of the data collection system (developed with the NO DM&E unit).
-    Facilitate reflection sessions (Quarterly) to generate recommendations/ inform decision makers, primarily zonal managers and Operations Director on progress of implementation.
-    Develop and maintain program/project information storage systems (e.g. databases, network drives, Horizon)
-    Facilitate the process mapping of  community stakeholders  involved in the monitoring and data collection process (In cooperation with the zonal manager, DM&E unit and technical team),. 
-    Support organizational learning by preparing periodic reports, statistical information and tables and developing tools for strategic and programming analysis, reporting, reflection and processes
-    Gather needed data and prepare the Detailed monitoring Plan to be submitted to the NO M&E unit on monthly bases. Conduct field visits to monitor the implementation of the activities in accordance to the DMP. 

5-    Capacity Building
-    Build capacity of zonal staff in monitoring tools and data collection.

-    Build capacity of zonal staff in knowledge management and program/project management information systems.

-    Build the capacity of community partners who will be involved in monitoring process,   on monitoring tools developed by the DM&E unit at the NO 

6. Reporting:
•    Support the Annual and Semi-Annual reporting processes through coordinating the process at the zonal level and ensuring that all data needed are submitted on time and with quality. 
•    Participate in the CWB annual report process (drafting, contribution, analysis and design)
•    Develop/ prepare ADP special reports as needed
7. Communication
-    Develop success stories, publicity materials (brochures, posters, media materials, handouts, etc.) Photographs and videos as required to reflect the context in the zone and and the zonal office achievements
-    Document Zonal Office key events and reach out to local media as appropriate
-    Ensure proper visibility of WV interventions in the zones (banners, project signs, etc.)
-    Constantly update Zonal Office facebook page with news and relevant information
-    Assist in representation of WV with visitors and guiding them through their field visits
DME in disasters
-    Ensure that HEA DME standards are fully subscribed to and implemented as needed
-    Perform duties and participate in HEA responses as required during times of emergencies. 
Perform other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor
Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
Education    Bachelors degree in Management Information System, Knowledge Management or any related field    
Knowledge & Skills    •    Advanced computer skills in illustration and layout programs, such as Adobe photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Page maker, or Visio, as well as MS Office, especially Word and Excel
•    Knowledge of database design, website development, systems analysis and networking
•    Understanding of the principles of information systems
•    Knowledge of graphic design principles and quantitative analysis programs
•    Must have sharp analytical skills
•    Effective Communication and Facilitation skills
•    Proficiency in English
•    Ability to work with accuracy under time constraints and pressure
•    Excellent interpersonal communication skills and an ability to work closely and supportively within a team.
•    Must be highly motivated and work with minimal supervision    Essential







Experience    At least 1 year working with database or website development
At least 1 year experience working with knowledge management and/or project management information systems
Experience in training or facilitating workshops    <Preferred>

    Required    Preferred
Achieving quality results and service    X    
Practicing accountability and integrity    X    
Communicating information effectively    X    
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly    X    
Understanding the Humanitarian industry    X    
Understanding WV’s mission & operations    X    
Practicing continuous innovation & creativity    X    
Demonstrating Christ-Centered life and work    X    
Learning for growth and development    X    
Maintaining work/life balance        X
Building collaborative relationships    X    
Practicing gender & cultural diversity        X
Influencing individuals & groups    X    

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