World Vision: Child Protection Specialist

World Vision Jerusalem-West Bank-Gaza is seeking: 

Child Protection Specialist
Location: Jerusalem  
Deadline for application: 10 December 2016

Purpose of the position:
This position will assist in conceptualizing, researching, developing and rolling out a Child Protection Strategy for World Vision Jerusalem West Bank Gaza (WVJWG); ensure this Strategy aligns and integrates with the JWG National Strategy, participate in designing initiatives, quality assurance and acquisitioning funding that focuses and promotes protection and participation of children contributing to their well being in existing areas. The Specialist will perform duties to enable local partners support young children to attain true participation, early foundational skills and abilities and protection they need to succeed and go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives in WV program impact areas 

Major Responsibilities: 
Key Outputs/Responsibilities
Strategic Leadership
    •    Lead the process of developing and updating national level strategic CP planning based on national level CP System analysis and Advocacy plans/strategies, in alignment with WV JWG Strategy, WVI CP strategies and policies
•    Influence all parts of the organization (including senior leadership team, technical program leads, sponsorship, People & Culture, etc.) in mainstreaming child protection, implementing CP Standards and pursuing WV’s special priority on most vulnerable children. This involves promoting practical ways of integration of CP in all programs, including Child meaningful participation and community care for children.
•    Implement Child Protection Standards, including: (a). Development / revision of a National Child Protection Policy that is in line with WVI Child Protection Standards, is culturally sensitive and legally sound and enhances WV’s responsiveness to child protection incidents and identification of key partners for response. (b). Regular self-assessment of compliance and gaps in meeting the CP standards
•    Ensure Children meaningful participation in programming and promote community led care
•    Ensure confidentiality of information regarding child protection incidents and sponsored child information





Support and capacity building to Zonal field Offices

    •    Support and guide zonal CP coordinators in their processes in implementing existing CP interventions, and in reporting, analyzing CP incidents and how CP incident inform programming.

•    Training of staff and volunteers in behavior protocols and keeping required signed agreement on file (as described in the WVI CP Standards)
•    Training of staff as trainers for volunteers on CP incidents identification.
•    Conduct periodical field trips to monitor implementation of technical approaches, discuss progress of work, and discuss issues/concerns. 

•    Assist in revising sponsorship monitoring processes in relation to child incident reporting and collection of enhanced data on child vulnerability.

External engagement and Funding
    •    Network and build relationships with other CP international and national actors
•    Represent WV in inter-agency meetings.
    •    Share best practices and program improvements via appropriate channels throughout the WV Partnership by engagement with the Child Development and Protection Community of Practice
•    Support the development of Child Protection proposals and activities and market and resource them internally and externally

    •    Manage CP incidents (Level 1-3) according to global protocols, with support from Regional Office and Global Centre
•    Complete CP Policy Update Reports every six months
•    Complete CP Incident Reports within deadline
•    Develop the Child Protection semi annual and annual reports

Minimum Educational level required: 
•    Degree (Bachelor required and Master preferred) in Child Development, Social Work, Psychology or other relevant field.  
•    A minimum of 3 years’ experience in Child development and protection programming, 
•    Ability to work as team member in an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural environment
•    Abilities in the area of capacity building and training of trainers
•    Demonstrated experience in program or project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.  
•    Child Development, Participation and Protection theories and practices
•    Ability to develop and analyze action plans or Detailed Implementation Plans
•    Ability to identify and promote community Child protection projects and initiatives.

Working Environment / Conditions:
•    Office based with 50% travel to the WVJWG communities
•    Willing and able to travel locally and internationally extensively -15% travel is required
•    On call: 10% to follow up on child protection incidents
•    Position is based in Jerusalem


Other Competencies/Attributes:

•    Must be a committed to work among the poor, subscribe to the organizational core values and able to stand above denominational diversities.
•    Analytical, logical and problem solving skills
•    Strategic thinking, planning and time management skills
•    Effective negotiation and mediation skills
•    Effective communications skills including, proposal writing skills required
•    Valid driving license
•    Perform other duties as required.

    Required    Preferred
Achieving quality results and service    x    
Practicing accountability and integrity    x    
Communicating information effectively    x    
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly    x    
Understanding the Humanitarian industry        x
Understanding WV’s mission & operations        
Practicing continuous innovation & creativity        x
Demonstrating Christ-Centered life and work        x
Learning for growth and development    x    x
Maintaining work/life balance    x    
Building collaborative relationships    x    
Practicing gender & cultural diversity    x    
Influencing individuals & groups    x