Jordan INGO Forum (JIF) Coordinator

The Jordan INGO Forum (JIF) was established in 2012 and currently brings together 43 international organizations working in Jordan. JIF exists primarily to serve the needs of its members and to act in their interest for the betterment of serving beneficiaries. The main objectives include information sharing/ communication; coordination; policy development and advocacy, and external representation of the INGO community. 

The position of JIF Coordinator has existed since January 2015, and throughout 2015 has expanded to provide versatile support to the INGO community in Jordan. Pending funding, in 2016 JIF plans to expand to include three total staff, with the goal of improving services to its members and increasing advocacy related to operational space and protection issues. The Forum is guided by its Terms of Reference, its elected Steering Committee and ultimately by the Country Directors of member organizations.  The JIF Coordinator works in close coordination with and is accountable to a Steering Committee, composed of 5 NGO Country Directors. JIF is presently hosted by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Jordan and is based in Amman. While the position carries a good amount of coordination and representation duties, practical management skills and knowledge of program implementation are invaluable. 

The JIF Coordinator will:

Information Sharing / Communication
    Act as focal point for the Forum (both for external and internal stakeholders). 
    Respond to requests for help and information from member organizations, non-member organizations and other stakeholders, such as donors, governments and UN agencies. Often this requires a high degree of coordination and the collection of sensitive information. 
    Help ensure effective communication for all issues related to the Forum.
    Encourage INGO-information sharing, particularly related to best practices and lessons learned. 

    Provide overall support to the Country Directors Group (CDG), Steering Committee (SC), other Forum members and Working Groups. Serve as a link among the SC, various Working Groups and CDG. 
    Help maintain high quality working groups by providing support and guidance when needed. 
    With other Forum members, work to uphold the JIF Terms of Reference. 
    Coordinate with INGO support bodies (such as ICVA and Interaction) and regional fora (such as SIRF and LHIF) at regional and international levels. 
    Coordinate with external stakeholders (government, donors, UN, local organizations, etc.) to share information and pursue issues of interest to JIF members. 

Policy / Advocacy
    Support advocacy efforts called for by JIF members and supported by the Steering Committee. 
    Promote positive image of INGOs in Jordan from the viewpoint of the Government of Jordan, Jordanian citizens, the UN, donors and other external stakeholders. 
    Collect, analyze and share information relevant to members and external stakeholders, often with the goal of influencing policies and improving operational or protection space.
    Stay up-to-date on humanitarian, political, social and security issues relevant to Jordan and the wider response to the Syria Crisis. 

    Ensure that INGO position on specific issues and interests are well represented at relevant platforms and meetings; and as much as possible promote representation by INGOs themselves. 
    Represent JIF externally. The Country Coordinator holds seats on coordination bodies such as the Humanitarian Country Team, Cross Border Task Force, Inter-Agency Task Force and others. 

    Work with the Steering Committee to lead the Forum and provide strategic guidance. 
    Supervise and lead staff and consultants recruited to support the JIF work, as required.
    Lead JIF donor reporting and proposal development, as well as donor liaisons. 

REPORTS TO:     JIF Steering Committee

MANAGES:     1 international, 1 national staff

    Advanced university degree in relevant field. 
    At least 5 years of experience in a conflict or post-conflict setting with an INGO. 
    Proven management experience. 
    Familiarity with humanitarian principles and response architecture (such as UN-led coordination mechanisms). 
    Knowledge of the Jordan context or previous experience working in Jordan or the Middle East
    Knowledge of advocacy and policy change related to operational or protection space. 
    Experience in administration and coordination of coalition or secretariat functions a plus.
    Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities. 
    Strong communication, inter-personal, facilitation and diplomatic skills.
    Fluency in English, both written and verbal, with strong writing and editing skills. Knowledge of Arabic is a plus. 
    Excellent computer skills.

    You are able to think strategically;
    You are able to initiate action and change;
    You are able to empower and build trust;
    You are able to influence;
    You are able to communicate with impact and respect;
    You are able to plan and deliver results.

Commencement: May/June 2016
Contract period: 12 months
Salary/benefits: According to NRC’s Terms of Employment

To apply for the position visit: Jordan INGO Forum Coordinator.