COSPE: Activities Coordinator

Duties and responsibilities

-Oversee and manage day to day implementation of project activities in close collaboration with the project staff, as per set in the action plan
-Prepare periodic narrative and analytical reports on the project activities and progress.
-Contribute to writing success stories, press releases, and other documents, as required.
-Organize for and participate in workshops and meetings, prepare minutes and reports accordingly, and follow up results with all concerned parties.
-Provide the field workers with advice/ feedback once needed
-Collect and maintain accurate and up-to-date information on all activities and results.
-Assist in the design of projects and programs and identify new projects and help in the preparation of proposals
-Develop projects documents.
-Prepare and draft administrative, financial and donor reports on projects progress and evaluations
-Conduct monitoring visits for ongoing activities.
-Carry out any other duties as requested.