WVI: Education lead


Job Title:    Education Lead
Reports To: Quality Assurance Director


To lead the development and support quality implementation and monitoring of the World Vision JWG education strategy. The strategy should be integrated with  development, advocacy and HEA and Child protection activities. 
This position will develop core education programming or an education project model that will attain the desired education outcomes for children. 
Provide technical support, oversight and capacity building, to technical staff, project managers and support staff within the education program/technical team.  
Represent the organization to appropriate technical, coordination and advocacy bodies (including relevant UN clusters) on issues related to education, including for the purpose of growing WV’s grant revenue. Participate in the Global Education Community of Practice, National Forums and Technical Working Groups.


Strategy Development

•    Lead in the development, co-ordination, implementation, reporting and review of the Education Sector strategy for World Vision JWG
•    Ensure the mainstreaming of cross-cutting themes in all World Vision JWG Education programmes, in particular the integration of child protection & participation, advocacy, disability and gender.
•    Ensure focus on Child Well-being outcomes, in particular the education outcome, in all Education programmes

  Technical leadership
•    Lead the development of Education Project models that mainstream best practice and promote inclusiveness, mobilization and advocacy. 
•    Provide need-based technical inputs and advice to zones and other sectoral teams on matters relating to education issues
•    Work with DM&E to develop and monitor the implementation of an integrated M& E framework and system for the Education Project Model(s) 
•    Participate, review and provide educational technical input to the entire LEAP/DME cycle of World Vision  JWG programmes to ensure the achievement of the Child Well-Being Targets
•    Monitoring, Evaluation & Planning: Support education sector programmes planning, monitoring evaluation, and reporting processes, with development of tools that can facilitate effective implementation and quality of integrated project deliveries
•    Identify relevant research and learning needs for improving the quality of education programming in the country and implement appropriate research initiatives
•    Develop indicators, conduct a baseline study and develop a monitoring and evaluation plan for WV JWG inclusive education project.
•    Facilitate a final evaluation of the project.
 Program Design and Management 

•    Establish and maintain an accurate and up-to-date dashboard of all programme documents, resources, lessons and good practices, and facilitate their circulation and use within the NO, across the partnership and with partners.
•    Prepare and submit  to QA director the annual Technical Programme report reflecting the national impact of WVJWG’s work on education.
•    Participate actively in the design of proposals at the education sector to different donors.
•    Prepare quality reports for grants that meet the donor requirement and submit to QA director.
Capacity Building
•    Provide education technical support programs and projects through providing targeted training, tools and resources on a regular basis to facilitate timely and quality delivery of programs
•    Facilitate the introduction of new, innovative practices, methodologies or concepts in World Vision JWG Education programmes.  Work with relevant institutes to advance needed research  for JWG improvement of work  
•    Develop and technically supervise the education zonal teams and build a highly competent staff for the implementation of Education strategy.

Representation , Partnership &Coordination
•    Document and disseminate lessons learnt and replicable models in education to wider WV Partnership and participate in relevant international networks, working groups, workshops, meetings, etc.
•    Establish strong collaborative partnership with the relevant programs/units within the Ministry of Education at national level and with other INGOs and NGOs focused on education
•    Coordinate with other sectors for effective integration of education outcomes into other sectors.
•    Proactively support grant acquisition through establishment of relationships with relevant donors and pre-positioning of WVJWG for securing of new grants. 

Team Management

•    Manage the child protection specialists to meet WVJWG goals in the area of protection.
•    Lead the capacity building of the technical team and provide continuous mentoring and advice
•    Coach and manage performance of the team engaged in the educational projects and develop team individual development plans

Ensure that HEA standards are fully subscribed to and implemented as needed  
Perform duties and participate in HEA responses as required during times of  emergencies.
Perform other duties as assigned by the direct supervisor


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities:
(The following knowledge, skills, and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on-the-job training.)
Education    •    Bachelor Degree in Education or social sciences
•    Master's degree in Education, social work or social sciences or related field Preferred.

Knowledge & Skills    •    Strong project management skills and good understanding of the project life cycle
•    Excellent understanding of Education best practices and life skills approaches in community development
•    Experience with development project management tools such as log frames, monitoring and evaluation tools and budgets
•    Good supervision skills, including training, mentoring and supporting staff
•    Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including report-writing and formal communication skills
•    Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office
Experience    •    Minimum 5 years’ experience  in managing education projects
•    Working experience in community development
•    Experience in management of/consultancy  on Education and/or  Education programmes at a national or regional level
•    Experience in Education programming in developing countries
•    Significant leadership experience in an international organization
•    Demonstrated experience in program or project design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

    Required    Preferred
Achieving quality results and service    X    
Practicing accountability and integrity    X    
Communicating information effectively    X    
Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly    X    
Understanding the Humanitarian industry    X    
Understanding WV’s mission & operations        X
Practicing continuous innovation & creativity    X    
Demonstrating Christ-Centered life and work    X    
Learning for growth and development    X    
Maintaining work/life balance        X
Building collaborative relationships    X    
Practicing gender & cultural diversity    X    
Influencing individuals & groups    X