NRC: Driver and Logistic Assistant

Job Description 

A job description is a written statement that describes the employee’s role and responsibilities. The role and responsibilities shall be executed within the NRC framework. The job description facilitates the recruitment process by stating the necessary competencies. It is mandatory for all positions.

Position:             Driver & Logistic Assistant
Reports to:             Team Leader WB
Supervision of:             Logistic Teams
Duty station:             Jerusalem    
Travel:                 X%
Project number:                          See Contract
Duration and type of contract:     See Contract
Grade:                                            4 

All NRC employees are expected to work in accordance with the organization’s core values: dedication, innovation, inclusivity and accountability. These attitudes and beliefs shall guide our actions and relationships. 

1.    Role and responsibilities
The purpose of the Driver position is to assist the Logistics department with transportation of NRC personnel and deliveries throughout East Jerusalem and the West Bank. And assist with daily tasks

Generic responsibilities 

1.    Promote safe and secure transportation of NRC personnel and deliveries throughout East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Israel.
2.    Adhere to daily driving schedules and, where necessary, assisting with organising schedules to ensure maximum efficiency.
3.    Perform daily Checking of the route, road, location, destination and security situation before each journey and reporting back to the Security Focal Point about movements.
4.    Prepare an updated vehicle log book with information about movements and fuel consumption.
5.    Perform Checking that all tools (jacks etc) and items (spare tyres and first aid kit etc) are always kept in the vehicle.
6.    Perform daily vehicle checks, water, oil, tyres, etc.
7.    Adhere to all NRC oPt security and safety policies and guidelines, including any updated information. 
8.    Adhere to safe driving practices and respecting speed limits as required within the law of OPT and Israel.
9.    Perform carrying out loading/unloading duties as required. 
10.    Prepare a report immediately to the Security/logistics coordinator in case of any accident; follow NRC procedures applicable in such situation
11.     Carry out any other tasks required by Management 


2.    Competencies
Competencies are important in order for the employee and the organisation to deliver desired results. They are relevant for all staff and are divided into the following two categories: 

1. Professional competencies
These are skills, knowledge and experience that are important for effective performance. 

Generic professional competencies: 
•    Experience from working as service support staff in a humanitarian/recovery context
•    Previous experience from working in complex and volatile contexts
•    Documented results related to the position’s responsibilities
•    Some knowledge of English 

Context/ Specific skills, knowledge and experience: 
•    Valid and clean driving license
•    XX
•    XX

2. Behavioral competencies (max 6)
These are personal qualities that influence how successful people are in their job. NRC’s Competency Framework states 12 behavioural competencies, and the following are essential for this position:
•    Handling insecure environment
•    Planning and delivering results
•    Empowering and building trust
•    Communicating with impact and respect

3.    Performance Management
The employee will be accountable for the responsibilities and the competencies, in accordance with the NRC Performance Management Manual. The following documents will be used for performance reviews: 
•    The Job Description
•    The Work and Development Plan
•    The Mid-term/End-of-trial Period Performance Review Template
•    The End-term Performance Review Template
•    The NRC Competency Framework