Opening the Space for Enhanced Food Security and Livelihood Recovery in the Gaza Strip
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Oxfam is interested to evaluate an approximately 2M GBP DEC funded project that was carried out as a response to the emergency resulting from war in Gaza in 2014. The project titled: ‘Opening the space for enhanced food security and livelihood recovery in the Gaza Strip’ included multiple components to provide assistance to affected populations in the areas of Gaza and Northern governorate of the Gaza Strip. The project overall objective is to support the Gaza vulnerable and war-affected population and increase the possibilities of vulnerable households to transition out of deep poverty to enhanced food security and improved well-being.
Tasks and deliverables: 
The technical consultant expected to conduct the following deliverables:

1-    Inception report: evaluator is expected to deliver a detailed inception report 1 week after signing of the contract to include the following:
a.    Evaluation methodology: including what tools will be used and how will they be used to best serve the purpose of the assignment
b.    Detailed work plan; that includes when and what will the evaluator carry out in order to implement the evaluation assignment, including any services to be sub-contracted e.g. translation, field work, data processing etc. 
c.    Evaluator’s understanding of the various evaluation dimensions: what is the evaluation expected to provide and what it cannot provide given any identified limitations
d.    Report outline

2-    Draft report: A draft comprehensive report (max 30 pages) detailing the assessment against the research questions specified above
3-    An oral presentation of the preliminary findings and lessons learned to Oxfam and the project partners before submitting the final evaluation report
4-    Final report: The consultant is expected to produce a report written in English, of a maximum length of 30 pages. It should include an executive summary at the beginning of the report. This summary must be drafted in such a way that the main findings, recommendations and lessons learned of the evaluation can be understood without having to refer to the rest of the report
5-    All written deliverables will be submitted in English Language.

The technical consultant is expected to deliver the following Tasks:

a.    Identify and clearly explain whether the project met its goal, objectives and desired results taking into consideration the relevant factors and context affecting project’s ability to achieve its objectives. (40%)
b.    Examine the effectiveness of the linking relief, recovery and development (LRRD) model within a post-emergency/recovery phase response in the Gaza context. This to include each of the components of the project and each respective linkage. This will require overall analysis of the cash interventions with a focus on the impact on livelihoods. (40%)
c.    Provide recommendations and guidance on how Oxfam can and should implement LRRD to support vulnerable livelihoods under such scope of implemented activities either for the implemented scale or for a potentially larger scale (20%)

Time Frame 

The project evaluation is expected to take 30 working days starting from July 20th 2016


•    Proven good record in evaluation of both development and humanitarian projects in the NGO sector and ability / commitment to meet agreed deadlines
•    Expert-level knowledge in LRRD particularly cash programming linked to graduation, livelihoods recovery and long-term economic development projects
•    Experience and ability in terms of emotional intelligence including understanding the importance of psychological resources and the role that these play in terms of autonomy and resilience with in emergency and development contexts
•    Relevant geographical experience from the Middle East, ideally including previous work in the oPt/Gaza, knowledge of relevant the programme profile and evidence base in this region across international and local actors.
•    Fluency in English and Arabic is a requirement.  If the consultant is not fluent in Arabic, ability to sub-contract and work with teams to carry out primary research and review MEAL documentation is essential.
•    Excellent verbal/written communication skills & strong report writing skills
•    Awareness of cultural sensitivities and local context
•    Experience of integrating gender dynamics within participatory data collection
•    Ability to work with a team and under pressure to meet deadlines and produce agreed deliverables
•    The evaluator must be independent, but collaborative, willing to share thoughts, ideas, and make constructive criticism

How to Apply:
•    Interested consultancy institutes/teams should submit an expression of interest comprising: 
•    A cover letter of no more than 2 pages introducing the consultancy institute/team and how the skills and competencies described above are met. The cover letter should also reflect the number of days to complete the assignment and total financial offer (cost). The cover letter should also indicate consultants’ availability for the proposed period.
•    Proposed evaluation team leader’s and team members’ CVs, as well as 3 professional references for which the consultant/s has done previous similar works
•    Consultant (firm/team) profile outlining similar experience including type of task, employer, project title, location, achieved outputs. At least two samples of projects evaluation prepared by the consultant should be submitted; preferably Food Security and Livelihood related projects
•    A proposal for how will approach this task (no more than 5 pages) including a technical offer (key considerations, proposed outline methodology, deliverables and detailed schedule with breakdown of number of working days, roles of different team members proposed) along with a detailed breakdown of financial proposal/budget.
•    The execution of this consultancy does not entail any cost for per-diem, travel, transportation or accommodation

For all the details, and to apply, please visit our website quoting ref: INT2578

Closing date: 9  July 2016.