Overseas Onlus: Project Manager WASH


Destination: East Jerusalem, Shu'fat Refugee Camp.

Position: Project Manager WASH

Working place: East Jerusalem - Shu'fat refugee camp.

Office of Project: Beit - Sahour, Bethlehem.

Sector / Area of intervention: water, environment, land, natural resources management, climate change and education

Availability: from August 2016

Contract length: 7 months

DESCRIPTION: Emergency Project (AID 10736), made by Overseas in consortium with the Educaid NGO, is co-funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) - Office of Jerusalem. The project also includes an important participation of the refugee camp of Shu'fat organizations (in particular UNRWA and Popular Committee and CCP). The project has three main results: strengthen prevention and crisis response capacity of vulnerable population in Shu'fat refugee camp through the provision of essential WASH services and psychosocial support to children and refugee families, improving access to educational and health services for vulnerable groups of the three primary schools in the refugee camp through the principles of universal design, strengthen the protection mechanisms of the residents of Shu'fat camp through the development of an advocacy strategy to defend the rights of the people East Jerusalem resident beyond the wall.

Duties and Responsibilities: The Project Manager WASH will be responsible for overall coordination, implementation and management of the project and its activities, in collaboration with international and local partners, ensuring the achievement of project objectives and adherence to the fundamental principles of cooperation development.

In    particular    the    Project    Manger    WASH    will    be    responsible    for:

1.    Coordination    and    general    monitoring    of    the    project.    In    particular: a) Reports relating to relevant meetings with donors, project partners and other institutional stakeholders to be drawn in the case of very high importance and urgency; b) interim report and final report required by the donor (in coordination with the Italian HQ); c) sending documents, studies and articles whatever information material that allows the HQs to learn more about the project sites and


also the country with the aim of advocacy actions; d) liaising with all parties and local stakeholders, for the implementation of specific components.

Specifically, the project leader should coordinate with Educaid NGO in the management of internal and external communications, purchasing procedures, management and administration in general, coordination for the implementation of activities.

2. Administration. Specifically: a. Quarterly spending forecast to be updated on a monthly basis; b. monthly accounting (cash and bank); c. compliance and check supporting documents for expenses incurred both from Overseas and by the project partners; d. delivers such documentation to the Italian HQ on a monthly basis.

3. Coordinate the work of local staff and any other expats on the on-site project, to ensure a unified presence of the NGO Overseas, in particular: a. follows the daily activities in the field; b. ensures that all staff is informed about the objectives, results and project implementation strategy, the strategy of the NGOs and the donor.

4. Coordination with local partners in all phases of project implementation, both in the selection of beneficiaries, idistribution of goods and materials and rehabilitation (tender procedures);

5. Take care of and following the on-site relations with the donor (AICS);

6. Keep informed about the planning activities with various institutions and stakeholders as possible.

7. Establish and heal relationships with other organizations in the same area of intervention in order to avoid contradictory actions and explore possible cooperations;

8. Report regularly at the Country Representative or to the Italian Desk in order to agree the decisions that modify project strategies and / or the use of financial resources.

9. Organize local missions for HQ Overseas personnell responsible for the project and other expatriate staff to conduct monitoring missions and / or

10. Build and maintain an archive of project / information documents and manage project data;

11. Follow the logistics required by the project and security requirements, such as risk assessments, visas of expatriate staff, coordination with the Country Representative in case of need for security constraints.



Minimum requirements for this position:

•    Proven experience in project management - WASH;
•    At least 2 years experience in the management of WASH projects as Project Manager;
•    Previous experience in crisis and emergency situations, preferably in the emergency sector and preferably in Palestine;
•    Previous knowledge or previous experience in the area of intervention, ability to manage situation of extreme emergency, knowledge of systems of coordination in case of need of evacuation from the work area;
•    Excellent    knowledge    and    experience    of    financial    and    operational management processes in emergency contexts;
•    Expertise in the management of field projects;
•    Excellent organizational skills, ability to follow procedures AICS;
•    Excellent knowledge of the context of intervention especially the social and community dynamics.
•    Excellent ability to work in team; •    Advanced computer skills;
•    Advance knowledge of English (written and spoken); •    Preferably knowledge of Arabic (spoken);

To submit your application: CV in English (three references) and motivation letter to selezione@overseas-onlus.org.

Subject: Project Manager WASH AID 10736 Palestine

Applications deadline: 24/07/2016

Only candidates pre - selected for an interview will be contacted.

Applications received after the date of 24/07/2016 will not be considered, as also the applications sent incomplete.