MDM Spain: Community Worker






Executive Level
-    Support the Psychosocial Coordinator in the definition of the project standards.
-    Support and follow up the implementation of MdM-S PSS intervention in the targeted areas.
-    Collect data from the communities and gather inputs for rolling out standards, methods and tools.
-    Ensure that MdM-S PSS Tools and Procedures are implemented and updated.
-    Support in the revision of the PSS procedures and the development of new procedures as required by the Psychosocial Coordinator/Mental Health Advisor.
-    Participate in the referral system by referring cases to appropriate structures.
-    Support the Psychosocial Coordinator/Mental Health Advisor on PSS programming and drawing up new project proposals.
-    Support in the identification of PSS advocacy issues.
-    Collect relevant information and collaborate in the Advocacy report elaboration.
-    Implementation and regularly update of the project intervention database(s).
-    Contribute in the preparation of projects activities and annual budgets.
Developing PSS Standards and Tools
-    Gather input for program development and monitoring, rolling out standards, methods and tools.
-    Define and contribute to the improvement of shared PSS programming standards.
-    Ensure that MDM-S standards and tools for the implementation of PSS programs are developed and remain updated based on MDM-S programming practice and international standards.
-    Implement MDM-S quality standards and PSS minimum standards.
-    Stimulate and monitor PSS programming.
Developing and Implementing Training
-    Design and provide briefings, ToT and tailored trainings where needed for program staff, partners, relevant stakeholders and volunteers.
-    Design of training, M&E and data collection tools for the training implementation.
-    Check, support and follow up the training workshop by using observations and interviews to verify that learning objectives were met.
-    Plan, implement and evaluate training courses on MdM-S PSS methodology, which involves creative tools such as games, fine art, art-therapy, music-therapy, audio-visuals, group discussion, demonstrations, and practice sessions with feedback and role play.
-    Ensure that all training requirements are met as outlined by MdM-S training of trainers (ToT) guidelines.
-    Provide recommendations to the PM when necessary on recruitment of potential facilitators.
-    Develop training reports and progress report per trainee.
Capacity Building
-    Provide ongoing support, guidance and advice to program staff in the field of PSS.
-    Provide recommendations to the Psychosocial Coordinator/Mental Health Advisor when necessary on recruitment of potential facilitators and volunteers.

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