Kvinna till Kvinna: Regional Safety and Security Advisor, Amman Office

Organisational affiliation:

The Regional Safety and Security Advisor, SSA, is a position that is shared by Kvinna till Kvinna, KtK, and Swedish Development Partner, IM. However, the SSA will be employed by KtK and thus be part of the Field Department of KtK. The SSA will work both at the regional office of KtK and the regional office of IM, both of which are in Amman, Jordan. The SSA will carry out the work in the MENA region through regular communication with staff at KtK and IM, partner organisations, and other relevant stakeholders.

Scope of work:

The SSA is responsible for monitoring the security situation in each of the MENA countries where KtK and IM have offices and/or operations and advising on the implementation of security regulations and safety operating procedures according to the changing situation in the relevant countries. The SSA shall support and strengthen KtK and IM’s safety and security management practices and documentation to ensure that it is consistent with organisational guidelines and commensurate with security risks faced by the staff of KtK and IM.

The SSA will work closely with the regional offices of KtK and IM, the country teams, and the KtK Head of Security at the head offices of KtK and IM in Sweden.

The position is shared between KtK 50% and IM 50% and reports to both, but the SSA is employed by KtK.

Responsibilities and duties:

Analysis and Situational Awareness (30%)

•  Continually monitor and analyse the country and regional security situation in areas of KtK and
IM’s offices and/or operations;

• Maintain close contact with all relevant stakeholders to develop a network and build relationships with key actors, including NGOs, INGOs, INSO, UN and government agencies, in order to obtain reliable security information; 
•  Undertake regular and ad hoc security assessment missions as necessary, to gather information and to analyze the overall security situation in existing and potential areas where KtK and IM have offices and/or operations;

•  Develop and maintain up-to-date security risk assessments, mitigation and management plans;

•  Provide support and advice to Heads of Office/Field Representatives on the development of security procedures and plans for each country (ensure that these are up to required standards and up to date);

•  Manage the KtK and IM regional security incident data base and share information about incidents with appropriate staff and other relevant actors, such as INGOs and the UN.

Technical Support/Briefings and Training (25%)

•  In coordination with Head of Security KtK further develop safe channels for communication and management of data at the regional and country offices level;

• Facilitate  security  management  training/HSS (health, safety  and security) plans  and management, including first aid, to staff as required;

•  Provide support to the management teams of the regional offices of KtK and IM on strategic security issues;
•  Ensure that all staff and visitors receive appropriate briefings upon arrival, and brief new staff on security plan and procedures at regional introduction;

•  Assess the capacity of drivers used by KtK and IM, and when needed, train them accordingly;

•  Develop guidelines for safe and secure housing for expatriate staff, and to follow up the implementation of the guidelines;

•  Facilitate learning & development as well as exchange experiences at all levels;

Travel Security (20%)

•  Periodically/as required travel to country offices to conduct/update security risk assessments and advice and assist in updating security plans accordingly;

•  Undertake security reviews and audits of country offices’ security management practices;

•  Update and deliver pre-travel security briefings;

Review Travel Safety & Security Assessments completed by staff;

Budget and Planning (less than 5%)

•  Contribute  to  planning  and  proposal  drafting  for  new  projects,  ensuring  context  specific security considerations are included in proposals;
•  Advise on budgetary considerations for health, safety and security, and allocation of funds for
training and travel for security risk assessment; Partner Support /Capacity Building of Partners (10%)
•  Assess the security systems, policies and procedures in place at partner organizations and
advice on improvements;

• Share, with partners, relevant opportunities for security trainings provided by external resources;

Representing KtK and IM (10%)

•  Represent KtK and IM at official meetings and functions as requested;
•  Participate in internal KtK and IM meetings, regionally and/or in Sweden;
•  Carry out interpretation/translation work when needed (minor);

Perform any other tasks related to the operations of KtK and IM in the region as delegated by the regional managers of KtK and IM.

Education and qualifications

•  University diploma/Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Security Management, Political Science,
International Relations, or another relevant field
•  3-5 years of experience in NGO field security operations and knowledge of INGO security management approaches and practices
•  Expertise on the general regional security context and trends as well as a good understanding of the most volatile areas in the region

•  Experience in developing security related technical tools, guidelines and systems
•  Experience from including human rights and gender perspectives in security management

•  Experience of developing safe communication channels
•  Experience of working in different cultural work environments and ability to perform tasks with sensitivity to the local culture and to interact effectively and professionally with persons from diverse cultural, socio-economic, racial, ethnic and professional backgrounds

Required Skills

•  Strong analytical skills on security analysis and conflict sensitivity
•  Demonstrated high-level communication skills and proficiency (written and spoken) in Arabic and English. Knowledge in Kurdish and French are assets
•  Demonstrable ability to advise and support field staff in different locations
•  Ability to work independently with limited supervision whilst also operating well as a team- player in a decentralised organisation
•  Ability and willingness to travel to and work in crisis contexts

•  Proven ability to remain calm, focused and organised and to deliver results on time when under pressure and with rapidly changing circumstances
•  Commitment to KtK and IM’s values of promoting gender equality and diversity and the interests of marginalized people in all aspects of KtK and IM’s work
•  Readiness to provide support concerning various tasks in two offices
•  Readiness to drive in Amman and in the other areas of offices and/or operations in the region
•  Good knowledge of Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and Outlook

Preferred Skills

•  Experience in a crisis context, in a managerial role
•  Experience of developing and delivering training courses and workshops
•  Experience of working with an international or regional civil society organisation


The SSA makes decisions in dialogue with the regional managers of KtK and IM within the framework of the approved operational plan and budget. If/when there is a perceived need to diverge from KtK’s and IM’s steering documents concerning safety and security, the Head of Security in Sweden will be consulted. The management groups of KtK and IM have the overall responsibility of the safety and security of the staff.


The SSA reports to the regional managers of KtK and IM in Amman.