Diakonia: Short-term consultancy for Age and gender monitoring workshop

Short-term consultancy for Age and gender monitoring workshop

Placement: Relating to the Diakonia Regional Office, Jerusalem

Background information on the program

Diakonia’s regional office for the Middle East is based in Jerusalem, and works with Palestine-Israel, Lebanon and Egypt. The IHL programme is one of three programmes at the country level for Palestine. The overall objective of the Diakonia IHL Resource Centre is to increase the respect for and further implementation of international law, specifically international humanitarian law, in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict and that accountability is increased among key duty bearers and stakeholders that directly and indirectly maintain status quo. This includes   are the international community, consisting of humanitarian actors, diplomatic missions, development agencies and media, as well as stakeholders in Europe. We work together with other actors of civil society through partnerships and strategic collaborations.

The IHL program has existed since 2004 and has given Diakonia much valuable experience and know- how of the applicable legal and policy framework for humanitarian actions. The intensified work and deeper understanding of legal and policy tools available for humanitarian issues has also been given further priority in the organisation.

Purpose/Main responsibility:

The consultancy is for conducting a two-day training course for Diakonia stakeholders, aimed at increasing their understanding of Gender, age and disability frameworks and understand
the needs of having an age, gender and disability perspective on monitoring tools and integrate it in the future work. In addition to the consequent obligations placed upon humanitarian actors in reporting and humanitarian response.

At the end of the training, participants (Field workers, data processors, and researchers) should have a refreshed understanding of age, gender and disabilities perspective and monitoring tools, ability to integrate it in information gathering, questioning, and interviewing; as it affects humanitarian actors and response.

At the end of the training, Expert is required to put together a manual like document for
stakeholders’ reference and future use.

Responsible to:

Timeframe for the consultancy:

The consultancy is expected to take place by the end of April 2017.

In Principle, sessions will comprise an overarching examination of the ways in which vulnerabilities are exacerbated in armed conflict, providing a framework for the following discussions. 
Participants are expected at the end of the training to be able to contrast the ways in which gender, age and disabilities affect social participation in peacetime and integrate it in their day-to-day fieldwork and end products.

Participants will identify and examine the practical impacts of armed violence on categories of entrenched vulnerability or disadvantage, at both individual and systemic levels, and will be conversant with the ways in which vulnerability affects protection, self-agency and participation

The expert is required to design and prepare training sessions and training content in discussion with the Program Information Officer, considering the following:

     Participants needs and nature of work; It could be understood through discussion with
Information officer and\ or short meetings with Participants pre training.
     Framework in armed conflicts
     Study cases from an international perspective
     Field work monitoring tools
     Researchers and data analysis.

Training Nature:

The training is expected to be held in oPt for Diakonia IHL stakeholders and partners over the time of two days.

Follow up:

The expert will be asked to develop a post- training follow up mechanism for a short period with participants on current\ upcoming products of the organization (to be decided during the training).

Confidentiality clause:

The consultant should respect the confidential nature of all information acquired during this consultancy with Diakonia. Diakonia is the sole copyright owners of the products stemming from this consultancy.


Please send your CV and a cover letter to ihl@diakonia.se mentioning the consultancy title in the email subject by March 26, 2017 COB.