MDM Spain ToR: to elaborate a pshycosocial report about the consequences of the political violence on the population in the WB, Palestine.

Destiny: West Bank, Palestine, and Madrid, Spain.
Duration: 9th of March 2017 – 28th of April 2017

Médicos del Mundo España (Doctors of the World- Spain) is implementing a mental health project in
the West Bank aiming at ensuring protection of the International Humanitarian Law and Rights, through  the  reinforcement  of  people’s  resilience  and  reducing  psychosocial  impact  of  political violence on them, targeting specially at vulnerable groups: women, under 18s and Bedouin communities.

The project focuses on strengthening individual and communities’ resilience resources, reduce the psychosocial impact on people affected by critical incidents, and raise awareness amongst politicians in Spain and in Europe presenting to them cases of vulneration of Human International Rights in the target areas of the project.

The project develops four main lines of action:
1)   A community psychosocial impact prevention program for adults and under 18s.
2)   Development and implementation of a psychosocial emergency response protocol, as part of an integrated protection response.
3)   Management and follow up of mental health/psychosocial cases in adults and under 18s identified in the above lines of action, prevention and emergency response.
4)   Gathering  data  and  testimonies  of  Rights’  vulneration,  and  offering  tools  to  Spanish politicians to better understand the problems and impact of political violence on the population, in order to better advocate for the protection of the Humanitarian International Laws and Human Rights.

Within the fourth lines of action of the project, a psychosocial impact report will be carried out focussed on the impact of demolitions and political violence on the population targeted (Bedouin communities). This report will include all actions occurred during the year 2016.
The index has already been agreed, as well as a proposal of the structure of the report. A researcher is needed to develop an impact study for approximately two months.

The person appointed will be based in MDM office in Jericho for one month approximately, where s/he will respond to the MdM Country Coordinator and the MdM Mental Health Advisor, as well as to the persons appointed in Head Quarters in Spain (the Mental Health Desk, the Advocacy Officer and the Complex Crisis Program Coordinator).
Her/his tasks and expected outputs include:
1.   Data and information gathering: compilation and analysis of data in the field with the MdM Mental Health technical team.
2.   Identification of  further  information needed,  based  on  the  agreed  index  for  the  report.
Design of data compilation tools and formats. 

3.   Deliver capacity building training sessions to the MdM technical team on data gathering and analysis with regards to psychosocial aspects.
4.   Elaboration of a draft report, review with the MdM team in the field and HQ, and final report.

Phase I: Briefing at HQ (when possible). If the selected candidate is local, this briefing will be arranged in Jericho.
Compilation of information prior to field work:
-     Preparation of documents and materials.
-     Agreement to have agenda and work plan.
-     Organization field visit.
Estimated length: 3 days.

Phase II: Field work:
-     Information gathering and analysis.
-    Capacity building sessions with MdM technical team regarding data collections tools and formats in relation to psychosocial aspects.
-      Data gathering and analysis.
-     Elaboration of a draft document and feedback to the local MdM Team.
Estimated length: 27 days.

Phase III: Office work. Elaboration of a final report:
-     Preparation of a first draft.
-     Validation with the Headquarters team and the MdM Mental Health Advisor in Palestine.
-    Preparation of the final report, executive summary, power point presentation and the updated tools for data collection.
-    Presentation of the final report at a meeting in MdM HQ (when it is possible). When the selected candidate it is a local this meeting will be arranged in Jericho.
Estimated length: 20 days.

The person selected will be supported all along by the MdM Country Coordinator and the MdM Mental Health Advisor, along with the technical team at Head Quarters in Spain (the Mental Health Desk, the Advocacy Officer and the Complex Crisis Program Coordinator).

All interested applicants must send a detailed proposal including: methodology, approach, research techniques and a work plan.
This work plan must show clearly all phases of the study and times allocated, so as the specific techniques to be used in each phase.
The whole process (design, executions and products) must integrate the Human Rights approach and
Gender approach.
The  proposal  must  include  feedback  sessions  in  the  field,  a  validation  stage  with  HQ,  and  a presentation meeting of the final report.

The final report must be presented in a nice layout and in Spanish.

The estimated duration is 7 weeks, structured as follows:
1)   9th and 10th of March: Briefing at HQ (when possible). When the selected candidate is a local
this briefing will be arranged in Jericho. 

2)   March 11th - 8th of April: field work.
3)   April 9th – April 28th: Office work. Elaboration and presentation of a final report.

The total budget for this research study is 8 .470€ (including VAT).
The payment will be done in two instalments. The first 25% will be paid once the contract of agreement is signed. The second 75% will be paid upon presentation of an official invoice by the consultant, completion of agreed tasks and outputs, and presentation of the final report.

Beside the above amount, Médicos del Mundo will pay the following costs:
-     International flights Madrid-Tel Aviv-Madrid: 500€ (when the person is not a local).
-     Insurance for one month: 133€.
-     Translation of the final report: Spanish- English- Arab: 500€.
-     Lay out and printing: 350€.
-     Palestinian internal travels and accommodation in our guest house in Jericho. TOTAL: 1.483 EUROS.

Any other costs must be paid by the selected researcher.

-   Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Medicine, specialization in Psychiatry.
-    Professional  experience  as  a  researcher,  using  quantitative  research  techniques  and questionnaires.
-   Experience  in  advocacy,  gathering of  information with  regards  to  vulneration of  Human
Rights, and Gender Approach.
-   Experience in International Cooperation and/or Humanitarian Aid interventions.
-   Previous experience in the Palestinian territories.

The selected candidate must obey by the security rules and regulations that Medicos del Mundo has established for all persons visiting our projects in the Palestinian territories during the period of his/her work in the field.

All proposals must include the following chapters in order to be considered:
-   Methodology, approach, research techniques and a work plan.
-   Chronogram.
-   Feedback plan.
-   Detailed budget.
-   Curriculum vitae.
-    Detailed information regarding his/her previous work as a researcher,  highlighting those experiences close to this call.

60% Curriculum and previous experience.
40% technical proposal.

Reception of proposals: open until March the 5th, 2017, at the following address: